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Jonathan has been based in Los Angeles since 2008 and started his professional architecture career in 1998.  He has been designing residential and commercial projects internationally since 1999 with a focus on residential, biotech laboratories and acoustic spaces (i.e. recording studios, editing bays, isolation booths, theaters, etc...).  Throughout the years Jonathan has searched for projects diverse in scales and vernaculars to merge his own life experiences with his love of gaining knowledge, international traveling to learning about different cultures, and creating unique aesthetics as an artist with new building components to evolve his own designs.  His design sensibility combines highly detailed tectonics with clean detailed lines while never losing sight of the context, warmth, and comfort to the end user. Prometheus Design Workshop is called a workshop to deconstruct standard firm hierarchies and relay to anyone who enters that they will be treated with equality and respect with the understanding that every perspective is valid and worth exploring to yield the best design.


Architecture can never be ephemeral or hyper-real, and designers must work to retain permanence as a quality for sustainability and conduct lasting phenomenological experiences. To solve problems one must explore a hybrid approach based on research, culture, ethics, context and precedents, and add these with new technologies and tectonics to discover unique perspectives into positive solutions.  A designer should never lose sight of the people who inhabit the spaces one creates, and the responsibility that carries.  Pushing these concepts further everyday, in a holistically way, can evolve architecture into progressive directions to inspire others and investigate a new atlas for how people and the built world can interact in meaningful directions.


Universities / Degrees:

University of Wisconsin / Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture

Masters of Architecture

Bachelors of Science / Architecture

Minor of History


Cities of Work Experience:

Milwaukee, WI. 

Paris, France

Chicago, IL. 

Boston, MA. 

Los Angeles, CA.

Portfolio Web Address:


Charity & Interests

When Jonathan is not working as an architect he has many charities and interests that he enjoys to do. He has always loved comic books from a young age, the art and the stories became a major creative outlet, and in 2005 started a labor of love that has grown over the years to 325 pages, and added another graphic novel based on his own life, both to be coming out soon.  After a debilitating car accident in 2004 Jonathan started doing more charity work to give back to community, and fight for equality in this world to make it a better place.  Despite a disability he still helps run clinics with Angel City Sports to show others with disabilities they can indeed still do sports.  After living in Vietnam he fell in love with the people, food, landscapes, and especially their coffee culture.  Jonathan now imports Vietnamese coffee and will be selling it soon with many of the proceeds going to help the youth of Vietnam.